Safe Word

Safe Word

For Tim, it was another hard day at the office.

Several hours of non-stop phone calls, filing, and reports on matters he barely knew about. It was a good job – paid the bills, at least – but most of the time he was bored out of his mind.

The only thing to look forward to was Carrie’s Bar.

Sure he could go home, go to his wife, and spend the evening switching off his brain, but he preferred the vibrancy of Carrie’s. It was a place he could kick back, sit on a stool, and drink until the boredom went away.

It usually never did.

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Operation Turista (Part 1)

Operation Turista (Part 1)






      The beginnings of Operation Turista came from early reports from BPD Agents based in Southampton, Hampshire, of a young couple operating around the city in a manner deemed stimulating to the interests of the Bureau. These reports began with this entry by Agent Raven, who operated in Southampton in the guise of a local police officer. Continue reading “Operation Turista (Part 1)”

Wilthaven Minutes (11/10/1967)

Wilthaven Minutes (11/10/1967)

The following material was found as part of a filing check at Camden Council. A clerk noticed the difference in paper colouring and font, and reported it to their superior, who is an acting conduit for the Bureau of Paranormal Discoveries.

The material is a set of transcribed Council Minutes taking place within P1983 (“Wilthaven”), featuring a number of senior figures within the P-Class itself. Key names have been added as signifiers for future reports, as well as other important aspects.

Material is presented below, transcribed in full, with no edits.


– Agent Howard Fyfe, Bureau for Paranormal Discoveries


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Mayor’s Welcome

Mayor’s Welcome


     Found addressed to a Mrs Violet Skinner of West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, this document was duly returned to sender, but ended up lost in the postal network until BPD Agents working within the service discovered it and delivered it to us on November 1965. After analysis, it was determined to be part of P1983, and the Agent who failed to report this link was demoted to desk duty.

            The item in question is a simple flyer within a sealed white envelope. Flyer is printed on basic paper, in black and white, and shows only degradation to the image, while the text has remained intact.

            Text is presented below in full, with no missing sections.

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Night Train: A Mr Blank tale (Chapter 1)

Night Train: A Mr Blank tale (Chapter 1)


(A little rough preview of the next Mr Blank book, hopefully coming out next year… Hope you enjoy – OJ)


Welcome to the asshole of nowhere. Population? This fucking idiot.

I don’t like to admit I’ve made a mistake, but let’s be honest, this is pretty high on the list.

Then again, you’d make the same if you were in my shoes. I mean, I can’t exactly be accused of having rational thought right now, heh.

In fact, rationality went out the Goddamn window when I woke up in the desert, all kinds of messed up. No tongue to speak with, no fingertips to point with, and with a skin condition best described as ‘fucked’. Yep, the standard life was scoured clean from me a long time ago, which is probably why my mind isn’t exactly making sound, logical decisions.

Mr Blank, King of the Fucked. Ask me how you can become a violent amnesiac with the body to match.

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Fort Hamilton

Fort Hamilton

(A taster of a short story I’m currently working on, probably as the final entry into Filmic Cuts 6. Hope you enjoy… OJ)

The message came through early that morning, serving as a wake up call to the men stationed at Fort Hamilton.

It was not a wake up call they wanted.

Orders had been made for a Captain Montgomery and his men to come inspect Fort Hamilton within the next few days. While reasons were left vague in the telegram, one of the men – Freeman – theorised that it was just a quick check due to their position.

Fort Hamilton was based deep in the heart of Grover Forest, a think, dense cluster of nature in the Pacific Southwest. The Confederates had built it upon the only path through the Forest, giving them a key strategic position should any Union troops try to come south. The inhabitable character of the Forest was such that, should a troop wish to get through any other way, they’d have to trek many miles to circumvent it. Therefore, Fort Hamilton was an important structure for the Confederates, and one that had to be protected at all costs. Continue reading “Fort Hamilton”