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Sock It To ‘Em

Sock It To ‘Em

Right foot curse

Can it get any worse

As you’re walking along

And you feel it going wrong


Sock’s halfway down

Causing you to frown

Writhing in your shoe

And you don’t know what to do


Do you stop and lift

Sort the socky rift

Or carry on your trip

While your sock does slip


How on Earth can it be

That your sock becomes free

It lingers on your toe

While you’re moving on the go


The left stays on

While your right has gone

How did this start

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The Coring of the Flesh

The Coring of the Flesh

(Happy Halloween. Here’s a poem from a forthcoming Filmic Cuts. It’s vaguely inspired by the madness and Old Gods of Lovecraft, with a Poe-like stanza to it. Either way, I hope you enjoy – OJ)

It all began

As these things do

On a cold November dawn

Nineteen-hundred and twelve


I commenced work

Into the night

At Miskatonic Hospice

A place of dank and rot

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To Cornwallace

To Cornwallace

(Inspiration comes from funny places. Here is something I wrote about a recent holiday. I kinda like it, hope you do too. Look for it in a future Filmic Cut, land of other poetry like Sense. – OJ)

I am off to Cornwallace

To seek myself a Cart

Were it dwells on wet shores

Where my story, will soon start


I travel from the Wyc

Upon steam-powered trap

And there, I shall decamp

Into the mighty Das Cap

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