Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 707D – Xubton Juice



Xubton Juice


Class:               Drink

Origin:              Xubta



The deep tropical forestry of Xubta is home to many intriguing, exciting fruits and other growths emerging from its fauna. From the planet’s frosty North, to it’s burning South, all manner of exotic-looking things grow from the various trees and plants that sprout.


And all, of course, are viciously poisonous to whoever tries to eat or drink them.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 601D – Tetra Bank



Tetra Bank


Class:               Space Station

Purpose:            Commercial



Money. It has to go somewhere, especially when it is digital currency like the noble Tetra. The adopted galactic finance of the whole of Universia can’t just spin around, willy-nilly, in the ether. No, it has to have a central base of operations. A place where all the Tetra data is stored, and nothing can go possibly wrong.


Welcome to the Tetra Bank.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 14D – Zaarian Power-Suit



Zaarian Power-Suit


Class:               Armour Technology

Origin:              Zaaria



Due to their slender frame, the Zaarians require something quite sturdy to help aid their thirst for combat. In order to make sure they would not get squished, and also give off a sense of alarming intimidation, a Zaarian scientist by the name of Kooyr created what is now known as the Zaarian Power-Suit.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 2D – The Bounty



The Bounty


Class:               Space-ship

Origin:              Frexia



When it comes to labours of love, none come more mourned after than The Bounty. A big project of infamous engineer Obadiah Beansmith, it was a mish-mash of random scraps he had acquired through hard work and good bartering on the planet of Frexia. Through deeds done by all sort of nogoodniks, and giving up some precious materials of his own, Beansmith finally had all the components to make a ship of his very own. A ship built complete with good speed, a tough shell, and the kind of weaponry which would make even the GAF think twice about taking it on.


And then came his old friend, Kirk Sandblaster, and more Tetras than any man could ever know. The rest, they say, is history.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 303C – Marec



Name:               Marec

Race:                 Cybernetic Human

Known For:       Running the Paxion Arms


When on the dusty shores of the planet Frexia, in Terraform 43, you could do worse than getting a drink at the Paxion Arms. An infamous bar full of infamous types, none more infamous than it’s owner, Marec.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 203C – Montague Santiago



Name:               Montague Santiago

Race:                 Human

Known For:       Time Adventurer


While there are those that travel across Space, that wasn’t enough for a young Montague Santiago. He wanted to stretch out, discover not just what was now, but what has and could be. Therefore, there was only one path set out for him to take.


Become the first Time Adventurer.

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Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 201C – Xlaar



Name:               Xlaar

Race:                 Zaarian

Known For:       Association with Kirk Sandblaster


Zaarians are a scary bunch, this is known. However, none come across more scary than the dominating size and chilling gaze of Xlaar.


Not much is known about Xlaar’s history, for he is not one to share. All that can be deduced is that he is one of the many Zaarians who leave their home planet, and go working around Universia in a mercenary capacity. Xlaar is different from them, though, due to his slight moral compass. One that has helped him on many a scheme and/or adventure.

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