Q&A at Jera’s Jamboree

“Let’s just say I was humbly ambitious…”

Oli was lucky enough to be featured on Jera’s Jamboree, where as well as Deep Down There, he discussed writing influences, the best/worst aspects of writing, and what he’s currently reading…

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QA Jems Jamboree


Interview: Too Many Words podcast

“Abortions for all!”

Oli returns to the brilliant writing podcast Too Many Words, something he has appeared on quite a few times before. This time, as well as iced buns and Simpsons quotes, he & Jayme talk plotting, analyzing TV shows, and problematic artists.

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Article: How Horror Keeps Creeping in Literature

“… allowing that image to fester before popping the cyst to reveal the gloopy terror inside.”

Read all about the chills of creeping horror in Oli’s article over at Lounge Books:


Article Lounge Books

Q&A at SocialBookShelves.com

A man walks into a bar, only to find it is a recursive temporal anomaly…

Read more of Oli’s interview with Dane Cobain of Socialbookshelves.com here:


QA Socialbookshelves