Hq’tar Report #2 – 17/08/1978


If you’ll forgive the brazenness of my writing, but our efforts into discovering more about P1983 have stalled to a great degree over the past 9 years, possible as a result of Operation Turista. While firm evidence is lacking, it has been posited between Agents working on P1983 – myself included – that the surveillance of Subjects Jack & Jill caused a rift in P1983 materials from which we may never recover.

The reason we have decide upon this rift? Hq’tar themselves.

Before, we began theorising that the reason why materials related to Wilthaven (P1983) were appearing were due to a potential Eldritch crossover event. These events, as we know from the incident regarding P42, see an Eldritch God attempt to enter our P-Class Dimension through people or materials from their P-Class. Now, I will confess, that these materials have been more proactive than the various reports and recordings we have acquired from P1983, but let us not drop our guard simply due to the apparent innocuousness of these materials.

With that in mind, it must be posited that by taking an active role in investigating more about P1983, especially during Operation Turista, we have set off a chain of events that has seen this Hq’tar more reluctant to try and enter our Dimension. With this in mind, we must consider the fact that, maybe, P1983’s file should be closed and rendered ‘SAFE’.

However, that is not to say there isn’t much more to learn. We have still received materials, albeit in delayed form, and have learnt much from them. The key fact that Agents and myself have learnt from P1983 is the common practice of ‘disappearences’ within P1983. In one of our brainstorming sessions, based on the evidence we have, we concluded that Hq’tar is behind these vanishings, and given our experience with Eldritch Gods is potentially using the residents of Wilthaven as avatars for It’s own evil needs. Now, while these needs have not presented themselves in full yet, we can conclude that the vanishings are not a passive act, meaning there is some reason behind them. We can also conclude that this activity takes place after dark, given the disdain shown by many P1983 Subjects regarding the night hours.

In addition, the evidence we have to show their potential ‘return’, points toward demonic possession or Eldritch Avatar-like behaviour. It should be noted that at no point was it evident that Subjects Jack & Jill were Eldritch Avatars, and so we should still consider Operation Turista a reliable success in terms of information.

In conclusion, gentlemen, it is my opinion that P1983 represents no further risk toward our Dimension – P1. Materials have slowed down in frequency and findings, and anything that has been found can be safely classed as ‘mundane’. The information we gathered from Operation Turista was exceptional, and potentially averted any risk shown by this Hq’tar.

Thank you for your time, and as always, be safe.


– Agent Howard Fyfe, Bureau for Paranormal Discoveries


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