Operation Turista (Part 1)






      The beginnings of Operation Turista came from early reports from BPD Agents based in Southampton, Hampshire, of a young couple operating around the city in a manner deemed stimulating to the interests of the Bureau. These reports began with this entry by Agent Raven, who operated in Southampton in the guise of a local police officer.

RAVEN REPORT (13/09/1968)


Incident was brought to my attention when local proprietor Geoffrey Warren of Warren’s Bed & Breakfast came in to raise concerns about new guests he had received. His main concern was the currency they used to pay for their stay, which I have photographed and included below.


(DIRECTORS NOTE (02/01/1995): Due to new legal agreements between the BPD and the British Government, any replication of bank notes – no matter how anomalous – is to be removed from all reports (past, present, and future).)


(DIRECTORS NOTE (30/07/2001): Due to a number of complaints, I will add a further note to this report stating that, yes, while it does impede our work, we have to co-operate with Government Officials – especially of Royal Status, despite our own misgivings. Everyone remembers what happened on P8295, after all)


Mr Warren also noted a number of other concerns, but outside of Bureau procedures, a formal interview could not be conducted. Instead, I took a series of notes listed below which covered Mr Warren’s main points.


  • Couple claimed to be from “Wilthaven”, known to Bureau officials as P1983
  • Couple expressed surprise at the City of Southampton, stating that they’d “never seen it on any maps before”
  • Couple expressed heightened concerns about Mr Warren’s curfew time of 11PM, stating that they’d “never consider being out so late”. While perfectly natural, Mr Warren noted that their demeanour shifted to a state of fear he hadn’t seen since the war
  • When presented with their room, couple asked why there were no shutters present
  • Couple paid upfront with aforementioned anomalous banknote, with image of Queen replaced by strange figure. Warren states that he accepted the note because it was “sterling”, but that the face unnerved him
  • Instead of thanking Mr Warren, couple said “Hail Hq’tar” as a parting comment


Due to the verbal references to associated with P1983, I recommend this be sent to Agent Howard Fyfe for further investigation. Will update my reports should more information come to light.



At this point, due to the active nature of the couple – henceforth known as Subject Jack & Subject Jill – it was decided between BPD Directors and myself to launch Operation Turista. Through this Operation, we would monitor Subjects Jack & Jill, record their movements, and see if they can supply us with any further information regarding P1983.

The decision was also made not to engage with Subjects, lest we disturb their pattern of behaviour in these early stages. As part of these Observation Reports, Agent Stanley Butcher was assigned to check into Warren’s B&B and help perform close surveillance, while Agents Brian Patterson & Lloyd Furner will perform general surveillance.


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