Wilthaven Minutes (11/10/1967)

The following material was found as part of a filing check at Camden Council. A clerk noticed the difference in paper colouring and font, and reported it to their superior, who is an acting conduit for the Bureau of Paranormal Discoveries.

The material is a set of transcribed Council Minutes taking place within P1983 (“Wilthaven”), featuring a number of senior figures within the P-Class itself. Key names have been added as signifiers for future reports, as well as other important aspects.

Material is presented below, transcribed in full, with no edits.


– Agent Howard Fyfe, Bureau for Paranormal Discoveries




Meeting Minutes for the 11th October 1967


Members Present:


                                 Mayor John Crest

Chief Constable Robert Gaines

James Lloyd (Local Businessman)

Dr Frederick Hudson


Primary Subjects Discussed:


Halloween Fiesta


Easy Listening Station




Mayor Crest:              Good evening Gentlemen. Allow me to bring to order the Wilthaven Council Meeting for the 11th October. How are we all?


Lloyd:                         Apart from a bit of back pain, mustn’t grumble.


Dr Hudson:                 I did tell you to come see me about that…


Lloyd:                         And I told you that I’ve seen your prices.


All:                              (Laughs)


Chief Con. Gaines:      Niceties aside, what’s on today’s agenda?


Mayor Crest:              Well if it pleases the room, I’d like to begin with the proposal for a ‘Halloween Fiesta’ at the local Young Residents Centre.


Dr Hudson:                 Didn’t Summers suggest that?


Lloyd:                         The teacher, yes. He’s always trying to drum up some sort of gathering for the children. Remember the Harvest Festival?


Dr Hudson:                 One of my busiest nights.


Chief Con. Gaines:      I second that.


Mayor Crest:              Then you probably know my verdict, but let us entertain the proposal anyway. Mr Summers wants to provide a disco, buffet, and other general party licenses…


Lloyd:                         Can we just all agree the man’s an idiot?


Chief Con. Gaines:      That’s not all he is.


Lloyd:                         Care to elaborate?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Not on on-going cases, James, you know that.


Mayor Crest:              Yes, well, personally while I am all for events that enrich the community spirit, due to the timing of this event, not to mention the fact it would fall after sundown and produce a lot of noise, I simply can’t see it being feasible. Sunset is… what, at the moment?


Dr Hudson:                 Four Thirty.


Mayor Crest:              Exactly. It is, quite simply, not only unsustainable, but ferociously dangerous.


Lloyd:                         Why not just let him host it, and let him deal with the consequences. Alone.


Chief Con. Gaines:      I’ve told you before not to bring those sort of suggestions up in Council Meetings, James.


Mayor Crest:              Gentlemen, let’s please remain cordial here. Perhaps moving on to a subject of Mr Lloyd’s pleasing would better suffice.


Lloyd:                         I’d appreciate that, Mayor. Now, I’ve had a business proposal here from Winston Crane…


Chief Con. Gaines:      The ethnic fellow?


Lloyd:                         If you wish to put it that way, yes. He wishes to take over the old lot over on Quinn Street that used to be Pickman’s Painting Supplies.


Mayor Crest:              Quite sad what happened there. Miss Pickman was a lovely sort. What business is he proposing?


Lloyd:                         Nothing fancy. A restaurant-slash-diner, the kind that were popular a while back.


Mayor Crest:              I don’t see any reason why not. Has he gone through the usual procedures?


Dr Hudson:                 Tests came back negative. Pupils were fine, bloods were fine. As far as I can tell, he’s free of anything to be concerned about.


Chief Con. Gaines:      We had no reports of any family members going missing either, so no contamination there.


Mayor Crest:              Excellent. Well then, I approve of Mr Crane opening his eatery… what was the name?


Lloyd:                         “Winnies”.


Mayor Crest:              “Winnies”, that was it. All members concur?


All:                              Aye.


Mayor Crest:              Then it has passed. Mr Lloyd, tell Mr Crane that he can begin opening immediately.


Lloyd:                         Very well.


Mayor Crest:              Going back to the subject, any positive diagnosis lately, Doctor?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Shouldn’t we leave that to the end?


Mayor Crest:              You’re correct. Therefore, next on the agenda… the suggestion for an Easy Listening Radio Station?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Yes. A young man by the name of Derek Brown thinks it would raise morale.


Mayor Crest:              And how does he plan to man this radio station? You know what happened last time.


Chief Con. Gaines:      Himself.


All:                              (Silence)


Dr Hudson:                 Himself?


Chief Con. Gaines:      So he has been telling people.


Dr Hudson:                 Is he mad? Do you want me to test him?


All:                              (Laughs)


Lloyd:                         I suppose if it was manned it would be easier to keep safe.


Dr Hudson:                 Is it necessary though?


Mayor Crest:              Anything to improve morale in Wilthaven is necessary to me. Does he plan to take over the old radio building then?


Chief Con. Gaines:      All the parts are there. We cleaned up everything since the incident last time, so all he’d need would be a good number of electricians and builders, and he’d be ready to go.


Mayor Crest:              In that case, I approve of Mr Brown’s proposal for an Easy Listening Radio Station. All Members concur?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Aye.


Lloyd:                         Aye.


Dr Hudson:                 Nay. He’s putting himself on a platter.


Mayor Crest:              Noted, Doctor. Well, with a majority vote of 3-1, the proposal is passed. James, are you OK to pass on the good news?


Lloyd:                         Of course.


Mayor Crest:              Right then, any other important items?


Dr Hudson:                 The disappearences.


Mayor Crest:              Well obviously. Very well, who have we lost this week?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Let me see… George Aaron, Rebecca Crisp, Michael Cundy, Peter Fox, Sarah Fox, Jemima Guest, Horace Knight…


Lloyd:                         Not Horace?


Chief Con. Gaines:      I’m afraid so. Patricia Lennon, Dennis McDonald, Ian McDonald, Angela Owen, Benjamin Owen…


Mayor Crest:              The Owen family?


Chief Con. Gaines:      The whole family. Daughter Gemma & father Thomas as well. Happened last Wednesday.


Mayor Crest:              I told them so many times to be careful…


Dr Hudson:                 Rumours were that the familiars had an interest in them.


Mayor Crest:              Well we’ll get to that in a minute. Pleasure continue, Robert.


Chief Con. Gaines:      Don’t worry, not too many left. Silas Prince, Oliver Randall, Marcus Richards, Dennis Smith, Terrance Smith, Vincent Smith, Sandra Thomas, and Francis Umber.


All:                              (Silence)


Mayor Crest:              Well, can’t dwell on these things. They knew the risks. What about returns? Dr Hudson?


Dr Hudson:                 Not too many this week. Conrad Davies, Henry King, Samantha Lewis, John Robinson, Iain Smith, and Georgina Wilkinson. All have been looked over for signs of the plague, and all tests came back positive. Pupils not dilating, blood levels tainted, the usual.


Mayor Crest:              Any behaviour we should be wary of?


Chief Con. Gaines:      Samantha worked… works, sorry, as a cleaner at the local stores. Christopher noted she had tampered with some of the locks in his storage rooms, and that the lights are no longer working. I sent some men to have a look over the place but, aside from some activity of familiars, none were present.


Mayor Crest:              Small blessings, I suppose. Anything else?


Lloyd:                         Tim’s dead.


Chief Con. Gaines:      I was getting to that… we think Wendall Harper, one of last weeks returns, was successful in luring out Timothy Chapman. His remains were found the other day.


Mayor Crest:              I see. Dare I ask for details?


Chief Con. Gaines:      I’ll have Billy send you the report.


Dr Hudson:                 I’ll warn you, Mayor, you won’t like it. Took me a good day or two before I could eat soup again.


Mayor Crest:              I look forward to that, then… Where’s Wendall now?


Chief Con. Gaines:      In custody. We’re going through the standard procedures for Returners now.


Mayor Crest:              Good. Any other business?


Lloyd:                         Oh, yes. Mrs Martin is having a charity bake sale on Sunday.


Mayor Crest:              Oh really! Well that is good news. She does make a fantastic lemon drizzle.


Dr Hudson:                 If it I could put it on prescription, I’d probably make a lot of money.


All:                              (Laughs)


Lloyd:                         I know that feeling. Anyway, starts on Yahweh Crescent at 1PM, so I expect to see you all there?


Chief Con. Gaines:      I’ll get Marie to make a stew.


Mayor Crest:              Good thinking. In that case, shall we call this a day?


Dr Hudson:                 Sounds good to me, I’ve work coming out of my ears.


Mayor Crest:              Quite. Well then, gentlemen, hail Hq’tar.


All:      Hail Hq’tar


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