Mayor’s Welcome


     Found addressed to a Mrs Violet Skinner of West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, this document was duly returned to sender, but ended up lost in the postal network until BPD Agents working within the service discovered it and delivered it to us on November 1965. After analysis, it was determined to be part of P1983, and the Agent who failed to report this link was demoted to desk duty.

            The item in question is a simple flyer within a sealed white envelope. Flyer is printed on basic paper, in black and white, and shows only degradation to the image, while the text has remained intact.

            Text is presented below in full, with no missing sections.



Welcome to Wilthaven!

As our latest resident, it is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to our small town. You will have already noted the many natural wonders that Wilthaven offers, from our vast parklands, to the mountain range that stretches for miles and is quite the challenge for your average hiker!

Not only that, but I am sure you have also noted the friendly and welcoming atmosphere that Wilthaven projects. We are a community town, and like our residents to feel like part of one big, happy family. My first advice to you would be to seek out the Wilthaven Way flyer, which will help you ingratiate yourself not just with the townsfolk, but with Wilthaven itself.

Do take a moment to visit the local library, and read up on the rich history of Wilthaven. Materials such as the History of Wilthaven Church, A Wilthaven Bestiary, and of course the Annotated History of Quentin Crest – and I say that not just because he is my Great-Grandfather!

I hope you have a wonderful time here in Wilthaven, not just for the short term, but for many years to come! Wilthaven is a town with many layers, making us the most appealing of onions, you could say! Just don’t peel too many of them away, or you could end up in tears!

So why not go out, make yourself at home, and discover the Wilthaven Way. Just remember to do so when the sun is in the sky!

Hail Hq’Tar!


Mayor John Crest


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