BPD Preliminary Report (07/02/1966) – P1983




This is the preliminary report for our most recent discovery, the presence of a town called Wilthaven – or P1983, as we are to designate it. This P-Class Dimension was uncovered due to the discovery of several historical documents found at a local car boot sale in Bursledon, and brought to our attention by a civilian who reported the documents to one our of agents who poses as a historical expert at the local library.

These documents range in both value and scope, but all suggest a place that is outside our dimension. P1983 has geometry that is unusual to ours, and a variety of people, places, and events that did not occur in our known history. Therefore, as is procedure, we are to class Wilthaven as an unknown dimension, hence its designation as a P-Class Dimension.

At present, we have found no further evidence of P1983’s existence, but given that we now know of it, we will be investigating further and seeing what else we can uncover. At present, we can only confirm that this is a localised event connected to Western Europe, specifically the United Kingdom. However, as is procedure, we have notified our fellow Bureau members across the globe in case they have found any discoveries themselves. Who knows, we may already have this down as another P-Class elsewhere in the files, you know Hettie is like for filing at times…

Frivolities aside, I myself will be taking charge of this file, and any further details will be documented by myself until there comes a time when it should be passed on. At present, I can confirm that P1983 does not seem to represent a threat to our Dimension, nor any other, so any risk of a crossover event should be treated as minimal for now. Naturally, should this change, we will change with it.

Thank you for your time, and as always, be safe.


– Agent Horace Fyfe, Bureau for Paranormal Discoveries


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