Dinosaur (from Filmic Cuts 4)

One day, little Mickey was very bored. He did not have any reason to be bored, and yet here he was, feeling very bored indeed. He didn’t want to read any of his books, and he didn’t want to play any of his video games. He did not want to watch any movies, nor television shows, nor listen to any music. And even in spite of the beautiful weather there was outside, he did not want to go out there and frolic under the shining sun.

Mickey was bored, as all that he could do, did not excite him enough to do.

So he sat there in his chair, and thought about what would excite him. He thought of doing something creative, like painting a picture or writing a story. He thought about making something out of clay, or even something to eat. He even thought about just going for a little walk in order to help him think of something, anything, which would make him no longer bored.

But it was no use. Nothing was making Mickey excited.

That was until he began to think about games. Not video games, you understand, for they no longer held any appeal for him. Nor did he think of board games, for he felt far too old to play with them. No, the games Mickey thought of were the ones he played when he was even more little than he was now. The games that he and his friends made up in their heads, and played using only the power of their imagination.

Games like Spaceman, Cowboy, and Cops and Robbers. Games where they would all get together, get some sticks or boxes or other props, and have fun from what they could see in their minds eye. A game where the only limits of what they could do, was what they could think of.

Thinking about these games made Mickey very happy, and all of a sudden he wanted to play one of them. But games such as Spaceman and Cops were not very interesting right now. No, instead he thought about one game they only played once, that he enjoyed very much.

Mickey wanted to play Caveman.

He did enjoy Caveman the last time they played it. He remembered being the Caveman, getting his club, and chasing the others who were either fellow Cavemen, or Dinosaurs. He enjoyed most of all chasing the Dinosaurs, and tapping them on the head with the stick he used as a club, and seeing them fall down.

It had been a long time since Mickey had played Caveman, and now he wanted to play it more than ever. So with that in mind, he got up from his chair and looked around his house to find something to use as a club. It was very important to Mickey that he find something good, otherwise he knew that he wouldn’t enjoy it as much as he had done as a child.

So he looked around the living room, where he was sat, and looked around the kitchen. He looked in the bathroom and cupboards and drawers before finally, Mickey looked in his bedroom and found it.

The perfect club.

With a smile on his face, and a mind full of possibilities, Mickey looked over his club with a great deal of satisfaction. Holding it in his hands again, he was filled with the memories of how much fun he had playing Caveman before, and how much fun he would have now. There would be no more boredom, no more sadness, and no more wondering what to do.

Mickey was about to play Caveman, and almost skipped out the door in eagerness to start playing it.

But Mickey knew that to play Caveman, you needed other people to play with. Sadly, Mickey hadn’t seen his friends in a long, long time, and he remembered from last time that you need at least three people to truly enjoy a game of Caveman. For a moment, Mickey felt very sad again, and walked slowly on the street outside as he wondered who would play with him.

He wasn’t allowed to play with his friends anymore, and he didn’t have any new friends to play with. As Mickey sadly sulked down the road, dragging his Caveman club behind him, he began to wonder if he would get to play Caveman ever again.

Luckily though, Mickey’s spirits lifted right up, as he saw two boys walking toward him. One was wearing a baseball cap, while the other had a hooded top covering his head. Both wore tracksuits and trainers, and Mickey thought to himself that they looked like they’d love a game of Caveman.

So with that, Mickey rushed on over to them to ask whether they wanted to play with him. As he jogged toward them, he saw that they saw him and started to point and smile as he got closer. Maybe it was because of how jolly he felt, or maybe that they really liked his club that he had to play with. Whatever it was, when Mickey got close to them, he was very excited about asking them to play with him.

They stopped and looked at Mickey as he stood there, with a big smile on his face. The boys both smelt very funny – like the big boys smelt like – and weren’t standing up straight at all. Mickey thought that they might be very bad boys, but at least he would ask them to play before judging them properly. After all, Mickey had been taught to be kind to strangers.

With that, he looked at them both and asked them if they wanted to play Caveman with him. Both boys looked at each other, laughed very heartily at this, before the boy in the hoodie turned to face Mickey.

“Fuck off,” he said.

Mickey had never heard this word before, and could only assume that by their smiling faces, this meant they did want to play with him. Suddenly, Mickey felt very happy indeed, and decided to start playing straight away.

He lifted up his club, and swung it with all his might at the boy in the hoodie. He did it all very fast, as the boy didn’t move at all, letting Mickey bop him right on the head.

“Dinosaur!” Mickey shouted, watching as the boy in the hoodie stumbled about a bit. With a second swing of his club, Mickey hit him in the head again and the boy in the hoodie fell to the floor.


Mickey thought the boy in the hoodie had obviously played Caveman before, as he already had the red juice coming from his head that Mickey remembered from the last time he played. If he recalled correctly, this meant that the player was beat, and you had won. However, the boy in the hoodie was still moving, and so Mickey gave one last big swing of his club to make sure.

Splat! It went, as Mickey beat the boy in the hoodie and looked very pleased with himself.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Mickey had got so caught up in playing again, that he forgot about the boy in the cap. He was now standing against a wall, looking at Mickey very frightened. This made Mickey laugh out very loud, as he knew that the boy in the cap knew, that he had to run away now in order to not lose.

But like the boys and girls Mickey had played with last time, the boy in the cap didn’t move at all. Instead, he just stood there as Mickey looked very happily at him.

Mickey knew he had to win the game now.

With another big swing, Mickey went to hit the boy in the cap with his club. However, the boy in the cap moved very fast, and the club instead hit the wall behind him, breaking off some of the brick. Mickey had made sure his club was very strong, and the metal pole he had found was very strong indeed.

Making sure to be very quick, Mickey swung back the club, and bought it down on the boy in the cap. He hit him right on the back of the head, and the boy in the cap fell down very quickly.


Mickey made sure to hit the boy in the cap a few more times, before he saw the red juice start to spill out, in a big shiny puddle. Now neither boys were moving, Mickey knew that he had won the game of Caveman, and felt very happy indeed.

With a little skip, Mickey waved goodbye to his new friends, and hoped he’d see them next time. Maybe then, they’ll play a game of Cops and Robbers instead. Mickey was very good at that. But Mickey also remembered that the last time he played Caveman, the Dinosaur hadn’t played with him, or anyone, ever again.

Maybe, Mickey thought, it was because he was that good at playing Caveman. So with that, Mickey jogged down the road to find more people to play with.

He was sure he’d find someone who wanted to play with him, now he was allowed to play again.

(Dinosaur is from Filmic Cuts 4: Title Pending, which is available now on Kindle & Paperback.)


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