Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 707D – Xubton Juice



Xubton Juice


Class:               Drink

Origin:              Xubta



The deep tropical forestry of Xubta is home to many intriguing, exciting fruits and other growths emerging from its fauna. From the planet’s frosty North, to it’s burning South, all manner of exotic-looking things grow from the various trees and plants that sprout.


And all, of course, are viciously poisonous to whoever tries to eat or drink them.

That was until, after much research by the Government of Universia’s culinary division, it was discovered that by blending the fruits and growths together into one concoction, you actually got something vaguely edible. Delicious, in fact. Xubton Juice, as it is now called, is completely non-lethal due to the counteractive properties of each juice against each other. This, in the end, creates a delicious drop that is now marketable across all of Universia for only 3.5T.


Xubton Juice itself is a light green liquid that produces a sweet yet zingy taste. It has a mildly thick consistency, and is thought to have many health benefits. Ironically.


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