Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 601D – Tetra Bank



Tetra Bank


Class:               Space Station

Purpose:            Commercial



Money. It has to go somewhere, especially when it is digital currency like the noble Tetra. The adopted galactic finance of the whole of Universia can’t just spin around, willy-nilly, in the ether. No, it has to have a central base of operations. A place where all the Tetra data is stored, and nothing can go possibly wrong.


Welcome to the Tetra Bank.

A giant, planet-sized space station in the Dilure Quadrant (just off the planet Quonda), the Tetra Bank is managed by the Tetra Corporation. As well as making the planet runs smoothly, using an array of talented technicians, statisticians, and mathematicians, they also have an elite, in-house security force who protect it. After all, when all the money in the Universe is within one space structure, the slightest little error could mean disaster.


Of course, there hasn’t been a disaster yet. Tetra Alpha Bank runs on a series of Quantum Cores that keep it running, as well as thousands of electronic security fail-safes – all revolving around the central security AI, Cora – that prevent any major evens occurring. Any fool who tries to hijack Tetra Alpha Bank will either find themselves going straight to prison, or worse.


Becoming an engineer.


Therefore, with the Quantum Cores at it’s centre, a vastly intelligent security AI, a hardened security force nearby AND millions of servers full of your financial information, the Tetra Bank is by far the safest way to store your finances. As approved by the Government of Universia.


I mean, what’s your alternative? Trading goods?


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