Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 14D – Zaarian Power-Suit



Zaarian Power-Suit


Class:               Armour Technology

Origin:              Zaaria



Due to their slender frame, the Zaarians require something quite sturdy to help aid their thirst for combat. In order to make sure they would not get squished, and also give off a sense of alarming intimidation, a Zaarian scientist by the name of Kooyr created what is now known as the Zaarian Power-Suit.

Muscular, powerful, and huge in size, the Zaarian Power-Suit is designed so that Zaarians can slip easily in, and attach themselves through nano-fibres to control the suit with their bodies. The effect is quite astonishing, and has led to the Zaarians being one of the most respected, and strong races in Universia.


Each Power-Suit is fitted with various attributes, giving the user increased strength, agility, and speed. It consists of limb areas to contain the Zaarian’s six limbs, with 2 acting as bipedal feet and 4 acting as arms. These limbs are incredibly robust, and fitted at the end with the appropriate glove/boot for that particular limb. Up top, there are 2 collars for the Zaarian heads to appear from, which can also produce an environmental helmet if required. This helmet can withstand any extremes in atmosphere, including the unforgiving nature of space.


It also comes with an in-built temperature gauge, waste disposal unit, and low vibration to help ease Zaarian bodies from stiffening, thus giving them plenty of stamina to carry on fighting. It’s also very shiny.


As well as displaying the Zaarian emblem on the front, Zaarian Power-Suits are also coloured in correspondence to the wearers rank. These are:


Gold – Royalty

Silver – High Military Rank

White – Low Military Rank

Red – Special Military Rank

Green – General


There have been rumours of other colourations, such as Black, but these have not been confirmed by sources.


Please note: any other race that attempts to wear the Zaarian Power-Suit will endure much agony from first the nano-fibres inside, and then any Zaarian who notices you putting it on. Non-Zaarian wearers are considered the greatest of the disrespectful, and often end up in various states of unconsciousness.


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