Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 2D – The Bounty



The Bounty


Class:               Space-ship

Origin:              Frexia



When it comes to labours of love, none come more mourned after than The Bounty. A big project of infamous engineer Obadiah Beansmith, it was a mish-mash of random scraps he had acquired through hard work and good bartering on the planet of Frexia. Through deeds done by all sort of nogoodniks, and giving up some precious materials of his own, Beansmith finally had all the components to make a ship of his very own. A ship built complete with good speed, a tough shell, and the kind of weaponry which would make even the GAF think twice about taking it on.


And then came his old friend, Kirk Sandblaster, and more Tetras than any man could ever know. The rest, they say, is history.

The Bounty itself is a simple ship; made out of base-level steel and moulded cillinium, it has a basic structure that holds a mid-range Trans-Warp Core in it’s belly, and standard compartments for the average traveller. These include:

– A Cockpit

– Sleeping Quarters

– A Cargo Bay

– And an En Suite Bathroom (designed for all races)


As well as amenities, The Bounty is also armed with Dual-Sploders for any instances of aggression toward the ship. While this wouldn’t be a standard addition to most leisure vessels (which The Bounty was first intended to be), the ownership of Kirk Sandblaster has necessitated such demands.


Finally, other technological delights include an automatic temperature aligner, self-tinting AI windows, and an on-board AI in the form of Navi (Navigational Access Visualising Interface). With all these features, and more, The Bounty isn’t the best ship around, but it’s sturdy enough to withstand most traumas, and reliable to get you there in one piece. Give or take.


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