Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 303C – Marec



Name:               Marec

Race:                 Cybernetic Human

Known For:       Running the Paxion Arms


When on the dusty shores of the planet Frexia, in Terraform 43, you could do worse than getting a drink at the Paxion Arms. An infamous bar full of infamous types, none more infamous than it’s owner, Marec.

Marec’s history varies, as many who tell his tale for him tend to be laden with many mind-spirits of his offering. But some things are more prevalent than most when it comes to Marec. It is universally agreed that he was one a pure Human, who served in some capacity with the Galactic Army Force. In what role, and to what rank, is unknown. In fact, he may have just been a chef, such are his skills with cooking up a fine meal at the Paxion Arms.


Either way, his role in the GAF ended prematurely when under the control of a ship, either in an official or unofficial capacity (and, as a side note, the ship in question varies each time. Some say it is the legendary Epic, some say it was a smaller Firebird), he crash-landed after drinking too many mind-spirits of his own.


Thankfully, he landed on the planet of Pellian VII, and was recovered by the intrigued Pellian race. After much discussion, and noticing Marec was actually dying, the Pellians managed to fit him with a modest set of cybernetics, courtesy of the ROBO-CY-MECH company. Nothing fancy though; it was the Pellians after all. They had a budget to consider.


After recovering from his injuries, and the shock of finding himself surgically enhanced, Marec decided to give something back to his old GAF friends. He decided that this would be done in the best way he knew how: a drinking establishment the likes had never seen. Of course, Marec had little in the way of cash, and so settled in the dry grounds of Terraform 43 on Frexia.


Despite the hands that life has dealt him, Marec continues to be a jovial individual. Always ready to listen to a tale, or dispense another mind-spirit, he also has a keen interest in holo-films.


NB: Rumours that Marec is actually legendary lost GAF Commander Peter “Pat” Sun is unconfirmed. As of this record, Commander Sun is still MIA.


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