Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 203C – Montague Santiago



Name:               Montague Santiago

Race:                 Human

Known For:       Time Adventurer


While there are those that travel across Space, that wasn’t enough for a young Montague Santiago. He wanted to stretch out, discover not just what was now, but what has and could be. Therefore, there was only one path set out for him to take.


Become the first Time Adventurer.

Largely, his efforts have been successful. He has developed his time-travelling technology himself, after partaking in an Quantum Physics degree from the University of Earth – completing his degree with first class honours. From there, he knuckled down on the quiet plains of Mars, where he was assisted by the locals in utilising his knowledge to attain his dreams.


After many years, his success came when he arrived at his University graduation, declaring that he had completed his research and that it was a success. Luckily, his past self had already collected his degree and left, and most of the crowd present just thought it was, and we quote, “a neat trick”.


Since then, Montague Santiago has simply coasted along the multi-stranded web of time and space. Consider him an inter-dimensional tourist, taking in far-off cultures and indulging in leisure that we are yet to discover, or have lost to the sands of time. He has resisted all calls to turn his technology over to the Government of Universia, stating his own peaceful intent and personal desire to use time-travel himself.


This does not mean Montague Santiago is a selfish man, more one that feels he has evolved beyond the means of normal races, and instead lives a life of leisure. He has, on occasion, given advice to the Government of Universia, on subjects of universal important. This includes burgeoning black holes, new planets to discover, and where to find the best delicacy in the Werrat Quadrant.


A dashing, beautiful hunk of a man, with long wavy blonde hair and a physique that causes many female races to swoon before him. Suave, charismatic, and dressed in only the finest threads (some never before seen in our time), he doesn’t adventure for profit or for gain, but for pleasure. Always at a social occasion, and a keen viewer of history, Santiago is a man who lives for the finest in life.


For his efforts in advising the Government of Universia, and elite social status, he is being highly considered for the prestigious Man of the Year award from the Universia Social Elite. Current betting odds put him at 1-500. Only a fool would bet against him.


One has.


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