Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 201C – Xlaar



Name:               Xlaar

Race:                 Zaarian

Known For:       Association with Kirk Sandblaster


Zaarians are a scary bunch, this is known. However, none come across more scary than the dominating size and chilling gaze of Xlaar.


Not much is known about Xlaar’s history, for he is not one to share. All that can be deduced is that he is one of the many Zaarians who leave their home planet, and go working around Universia in a mercenary capacity. Xlaar is different from them, though, due to his slight moral compass. One that has helped him on many a scheme and/or adventure.

Like many Zaarians, he is quick-tempered and eager to enter a battle. Xlaar’s fighting skills are at an extraordinary level, with those daring to take him on usually finding themselves on the end of a losing stick quite quickly. Even his “comrade”, Kirk Sandblaster, isn’t safe from potential outbursts of violence. Not only is Xlaar good at combat, but he is also incredibly durable. This is in part to his red-tinged Zaarian Power-Suit, with the being himself also being able to take a lot of damage. Some quite serious.


As well as being an excellent fighter, Xlaar is also skilled in piloting. Able to adapt to any vessel he lays his many hands on, he has taken control of flying Kirk Sandblaster’s ship, The Bounty, in spite of it’s various kinks. Whether it be navigating to the nearest Space Station, or manoeuvring through a dog-fight, Xlaar brings an immense set of abilities behind the controls of any ship.


Xlaar has maintained the sense of Zaarian honour and pride, which unfortunately has resulted in his association with Kirk Sandblaster. While the Human’s methods are questionable, Xlaar goes along with them in order to give himself a sense of duty and wellbeing. Also, he’s pretty sure that left to his own devices, Kirk Sandblaster would surely be dead by now.


As said, little is known about Xlaar’s background. Even his full name is not public knowledge. Any attempts to track down information back in his home-world have been denied by all sources, and even Kirk Sandblaster doesn’t care to ask. He said, and we quote, that it’s because Xlaar “gets a bit throttly about it”.


Either way, Xlaar’s talents – both physical and mental – mean he is one of the peak individuals in the whole of Universia. Under different times, he surely would be a leading GAF Commander. As it is, he’s the hired heavy of one of the most irritating people in the Quadrants.


Not that you’d tell him that. He’d probably make you regret it. Quickly.


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