Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 207B – Zaarians



Race:                                         Zaarian

Planet:                                      Zaaria (Werrat Quadrant)

Distinguishing Features:              Multiple limbed, slender lizard-like bodies



When Universia was first being explored, Zaaria was one of the first planets discovered as part of what was to be known as the Werrat Quadrant. When explorers met the planet’s residents, they remarked on how much the Zaarians represented the idea of an “alien race”.


Naturally, the Zaarians were not amused. In fact, that is one of the first things you notice about a Zaarian. They do not have much in the way of a sense of humour. For the Zaarians are a proud and noble race, with great focus being placed upon their ideals and morality. On first sighting, explorers chuckled at their limp frames; Zaarians resembling the Earth gecko very strongly, albeit with six slender limbs and two heads on thin, slimy necks.

The laughter stops when you meet the Zaarians in their more domestic wear. Yes, when in their natural state, Zaarians are a lightweight lizard. But the Zaarians didn’t survive for as long as they have just on their wits alone. No, using their vast intelligent – that comes with having two heads – they developed the Zaarian Power-Suit, a muscular bodysuit that Zaarians wear most of the time. When in this apparel, you realize why the Zaarians are considered one of the finest races in Universia in the fields of battle.


But Zaarians are not war-like. Despite early slights at their appearance, they are keen to adopt a peaceful approach to diplomatic affairs, and rarely go straight to war. That said, they are fierce warriors, able to best even the toughest in all known Quadrants. Through raw power (courtesy of the power-suits) and an excellent level of intelligence (as said, via the dual-bonces), the Zaarians are quick and hard to defeat in any combat scenario. They are an incredibly useful ally to the Government of Universia, and while not high in the political side, they have a strong GAF division and have been noted for their efforts in many important battles.


In fact, politics on Zaaria barely exists. The planet adopts a regal monarchy across all land-divisions, with various houses holding dominion. These range from the Gaar, a stern-yet-fair family, and the Noori, a less-appealing sort. These houses rule with iron fists, and rarely have their position as leaders questioned. In rare cases of rebellion, the Zaarians have been quick to quell any troublemakers. It should be noted, however, that some members of these houses have expressed uncertainty about the Zaarian way themselves, and may be found scattered across Universia.


The Zaarian way of life is a relatively simple one. Land is divided by tribes, who engage in basic trade and commerce. Little is done in the way of Tetras, with Zaarians believing the Universia currency to be “unnecessary” to their way of life. Familial relations are organised between tribes, with courtships usually approved by the ruling heads of the tribes themselves. Most intimate contact is done through “mind-melds”, allowing each party to know the desires of the other. This is a sacred act between Zaarians, and is respected as such.


In fact, most acts on Zaaria are considered to be treated with the highest respect. The Zaarian faith, Xuulinism, preaches the importance of order and singularity of the Zaarian people as a whole. With this in mind, all practices and ceremonies are held in the highest regard. Every Zaarian is much like the other, with the only exception being in the regal “chosen” houses.


In this instance, combined with a high sense of self-pride and various ideologies about honour and nobility, it isn’t hard to see why civil war does often break out.
Again, it should be repeated that the Zaarians are not one for the following traits: humour, sarcasm, wit, frivolity, adventure, mockery or general joviality. Zaarians are very serious, and ask that you treat them with the same level of seriousness. Seriously.


Of course, this makes Zaarian entertainment, especially holo-shows, very boring. Unless you like news and documentaries. In which case, you’ll be in heaven. Just as long as you don’t laugh.


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