Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 104B – Horgorians



Race:                                         Horgorian

Planet:                                      Horgoria (Dilure Quadrant)

Distinguishing Features:              Tall, hairy, bull-like features



The Horgorians are a scary looking race. Covered in dark hair, standing at least 7-feet tall, and with thick, muscular features that are exacerbated by a long, flattened snout and a dense torso, they are the kind of race that should you meet in a dark alley, you’d immediately fall to the floor in fear.

However, this is a misconception. The Horgorians, for all their intimidating features, are actually quite a peaceful race. Sure, they can be prone to bouts of utilising their extreme power, but these are few and fair between. Most of the time, they are just happy to go about their way, making trades, and doing their work.


It is of no surprise that the Horgorians are one of the prime building races of the Dilure Quadrant. Due to their reluctance to travel far distances, they maintain their operations within the Quadrant itself, however it should be noted than some have been sighted elsewhere. Probably under a false pretence. Or promise of riches. Either way, they can carry quite heavy loads and have a good idea of making structures. Unfortunately, they lack the desire and attention-span to perform major tasks, and are more adept at smaller, more taxing builds. For these reasons, the Government of Universia will normally go for Draks and Xdians, who are more likely to bend to orders.


This is mostly because the Horgorians are a very independent race. They are aware that their size gives them a lot of sway, and usually use this to their advantage. This can range from the fairly innocuous (getting a good table at a restaurant), to more morally questionable acts (stealing your girlfriend). These acts are usually not done out of spite or aggression, but more a selfish desire on the part of the Horgorians. They see something they want, and they’ll probably get it.


Due to these reasons, the Horgorians don’t really work for the Government of Universia in any capacity. Their fleeting loyalty and short-term work ethic mean that they are not cut out for any aspect of government work. However, when it comes to the GAF, the Horgorian division are quite good. Working along a flexible set of rules set out by their superiors, they maintain a level of discipline on their planet which suits all parties quite well. Of course, some Horgorian GAF officers will let some things slide, but usually to their own benefit.


Something that the Horgorians rarely get credit for is their culinary ability. As the major exporter of cattle-meat in Universia, the Horgorians are experts in cooking it. Mostly, this revolves around a BBQ-like cookery school, but the results are so delicious, even the likes of O’Malleys have known to steer clear of Horgoria.


Quite a quiet, and stoic race, the Horgorians shouldn’t be seen as a threat to those first encountering it. In fact, if a Horgorian offers you a hoof in greeting, you should probably take it. In any way you can. While not a rageful race, if they feel slighted by any party, they will react in a potentially troubling way, due to their selfish nature.


Side note: Some Horgorians have been reported missing lately. If a Horgorian you know vanishes for more than 48 hours, please report it to your nearest GAF unit. Especially if it is a Horgorian GAF unit.


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