Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 103B – Ctolians



Race:                                         Ctolian

Planet:                                      Ctolia (Dilure Quadrant)

Distinguishing Features:              Very small, firm exoskeleton



There are some races within Universia’s Quadrants that are firm, fierce fighters. They are strong, powerful, and able to saunter into combat with the ease of making a sandwich. Then, there are the races who possess such great intelligence, that they can manipulate a situation to their will. With such beings in existance, there has to be some balance to matters. Something to tip the scales in the galaxies favour, but not too much.


This is where the Ctolians come in.

Essentially, the whipping boys of Universia, which is incredibly unfair when you think about it. After all, Ctolians are not dense, stupid little creatures who rely on their base instincts. In fact, they are fairly intelligent, and very adept at a number of things.


Due to their size, the Ctolian race mostly engage in small technical matters. While a Martian can get nice and deep within machinery, Ctolians can take care of the next stage up. They can help tinker with minute screws, mineral cores and the like. But their main talent is mining; Ctolians are the main workers when it comes to star-mining. Due to their small stature and protective shell, they can survive the intensity of a dying star easily than most other species. That, and they don’t complain about the terrible conditions of such a job.


The Ctolians are, not surprisingly, not one for combat nor diplomacy. Instead, they take a side-view and really only ever take part in small (no pun intended) votes in the Government of Universia. Their opinions are valid, but largely passed over. Sometimes this is because they are particularly pernickity, but mostly because those in charge don’t notice the Ctolians saying anything. Therefore, the Ctolians have become the mediators, especially in the Dilure Quadrant. If there is a stalemate between things, then the Ctolians will finally come in to take a side. Alas, due to their nature, most of the time they simply decline to comment, thus increasing the lack of opportunities they are given. It’s a vicious circle, really.


Ctolians live a pleasant life on their planet, however. Ironically, the planet of Ctolia is quite sizeable, so one thing Ctolians have in excess is land. This is, perhaps, their trump card when it comes to most trade, as many business are interested in terraforming parts of planets. Unfortunately, due to the poor amount of resources, and the poor planning of the Ctolians, it rarely happens.


One of the more curious things about the Ctolians, given their size, is the way they reproduce. Now, without getting too graphic, the female Ctolians have far more… capacity, than you’d think a being mere inches tall would have. As male Ctolians don’t have the… ability to fill this… capacity, most females are known to breed with other species. Usually, this would be disastrous and spell the end of Ctolian culture, but Ctolians reproduce asexually to great batches of young. So many, you’d think the beings would burst. They don’t. We told you. Ctolian females have great… capacity.


(Editors Note: for glats sake! This is supposed to be a family encyclopedia! Try not to focus on any intimate matters of species in future entries. Lord knows no-one wants to know how Tarkarans mate…)


In the end, the Ctolians are a simple race, who just tend to get bullied by most other species in Universia. Some say they will one day have their revenge, and get the last laugh. Nobody is sure how, but for the moment, they aren’t exactly worrying. After all, one of the greatest threats to Ctolians is a slight breeze.


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