Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 302A – Frexia





Quadrant:                      Werrat

Status:                           Terra Planet

Races:                           Frexian

GAF Unit:                      Unaffiliated

Imports:                         Mind-Spirits, Chance Games

Exports:                         Dust Gems, Trouble



When it comes to terraforming, you win some and you lose some. While some barren planets respond majestically to the wonders of terraforming, turning into exotic tourist traps which delight the senses, some remain what they were before: barren wastelands. With the odd bit of society interspersed.

With that, welcome to Frexia. A place so horrid, even the natives are slimy little things that look like they will die at any second. Frexia was much like the Globa planet of Mars, with it’s wide plains and dusty nothingness. In other words, an excellent place to terraform (especially when the native race weren’t so resisting). However, while early efforts were encouraging, eventually it became obvious that Frexia wasn’t the kind of place you really wanted to terraform. It had no natural features to appeal, no real resources, and little in the way of that intangible quality that makes you go “ooh”.


Therefore, Frexia became something of a mislaid project amongst the terraformers of the Government of Universia. And as the old saying goes – “idle hands make a wretched hive of scum and villainy”. Obviously, it isn’t a lawless planet, this is thanks to the horrid Frexian race, but it has become known for housing the very worst in intergalactic activities. Want to try a range of powerful mind-spirits? Go to the Paxion Arms. Feast on a little bunny? There’s a shop for you just down that alley. And as for the “other” pleasures, well…


It is of no surprise then, that neither the Government of Universia nor the GAF really keep an eye on Frexia. It is mostly left to it’s own devices, and seems to thrive on that. Yes, those who travel there aren’t going to win the Universia Man of the Year award, but they may get a hint toward some sort of treasure, or even win some money on some Light-Run. With Frexia, what you see is what you get, and what you see is a terrible place full of dust, maudlin patrons, and little in the way of light.


Almost. As one of the few shining beacons on Frexia are the little gems that can be found within the dust itself. Mostly worthless, they are still little trinkets that appeal to the most shiny-addicted races amongst Universia. In fact, it is the planet’s lone export, due to people finding them in the ground and stealing them.


So, if you’re planning to go to Frexia, do so at your own risk. It isn’t the most dangerous of planets, but those who tread through the various Terraforms are not the best to be trusted. Worst they will do though is steal most of your Tetras. Out of most of the planets in the Werrat Quadrant, however, it is the one that you’re least likely to be damaged by.


But on the whole, just go back to the Dilure Quadrant.


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