Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 205A – Haken Belt



Haken Belt


Quadrant:                      Dilure

Status:                           Fragmented Planet (formerly misidentified as an Asteroid Belt)

Races:                           Haken

GAF Unit:                      Unaffiliated

Imports:             Debris

Exports:             More Debris



Upon discovery, the Haken Belt was thought to be a standard Asteroid Belt like many others. A long trail of rocks, made up of various different sizes and shapes, it is so great in length and size, that it covers at least two solar systems within the Dilure Quadrant. Upon inspection by Universia cartographers, they declared the Haken Belt a Grade 5 danger area. This was mostly due to the fact that many cartographers soon found themselves pinged around the various asteroids within the Belt itself.

However, on greater inspection by the Government of Universia, the Haken Belt was found to actually be fragments of the ancient planet of Haken. While little is known about the planet’s history and how it was destroyed, it’s old status as an actual, spherical planet was confirmed by it’s residents, the Haken. However, due to their extreme lack of interest in both chronically their history, and interacting with other life-forms, it is simply universally accepted that the Hakan Belt is merely a Fragmented Planet (a new classification created due to the Haken Belt).


Due to this, the Haken Belt has little in the way of resources. The full-scale death of the original planet, as well as the wide distribution of it, means any natural resources have long been lost to the harsh, unforgiving chill of space itself. Aside from the dormant Haken, nothing grows on the surface and when blasted open, little is left inside.


Naturally, the Haken find blowing parts of their planet up to be very annoying, as well as invoking terrifying memories. However, they are incredibly lazy, and naturally very forgiving of any acts of aggression.


In fact, when it comes to resources, the only thing the Haken Belt offers anyone these days is junk. And plenty of it. Due to it’s incredibly dangerous nature, the Haken Belt has been known to take down many a ship that strays too far to it’s floating boulders of death. Only the very finest of pilots have been known to navigate it, and even then they have lost a ‘sploder or wing. But for the adventurous, the Haken Belt can yield some delightful treasures. Not just abandoned ships, but lost cargo and ejected goods have been found within it’s rocky interior.


It should be re-iterated, though, that the Haken Belt is a Grade 5, and the likelihood of getting squished between two of it’s larger portions has such high odds, only a fool would bet against it happening. With this in mind, travel to the Haken Belt is ill-advised, with most travellers taking the arduous journey around it’s monumental stretch across the Dilure Quadrant. But don’t worry, there are regular Grub Lords along the way.


The Haken Belt is not considered a place which needs a GAF presence. Both the docile nature of the Haken, as well as the fierce dangers to any traveller going near it, mean it is largely self-policed. Should any GAF members need to travel there, it is recommended they take Supreme Dual-Sploders in order to clear a flightpath.


Other than that, good luck. You’ll need it.


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