Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 110A – Fantom Prime



Fanton Prime


Quadrant:                      Globa

Status:                           Terra Planet

Races:                           Mixed

GAF Unit:                      Human

Imports:                         Research Documents, Cotton

Exports:                         Science, Explosions



Fanton Prime was one of the first areas in the Globa Quadrant that was found to be completely uninhabited by any form of life, and yet utterly suitable to maintain it. To a degree, of course. Within moments of it’s discovery, the Government of Universia gave the order to terraform the planet, and thus Fanton Prime was created.

Named after it’s chief Universia Officer, Sir George Fanton, upon discovery, Fanton Prime became known for the fact that it’s environment was perfect for scientific testing. Primarily, in fact, that the planet itself seemed to take a lot of damage. The surface was soft, and ridged, making it absolutely brilliant for focus on heavy weaponry. Of course, due to The Great Peace, all weaponry was of a non-fatal usage; but that didn’t stop Sir Fanton and his team from having a blast.


Literally. One of the main areas of focus on Fanton Prime was explosives. Due to Fanton Prime’s unique properties, the experimentation of explosives yielded forth another great scientific arena for Fanton to dabble in, that of sound. The planet seemed to absorb even the loudest of explosions, thus making it the hub for creating vast monuments of shard-distributing technology.


Of course, Sir Fanton’s reach far stretched his luck, and one day, whilst listening to Human Classical Music at an obscene volume and testing an extreme version of Turbo-Sploders, the planet of Fanton Prime unleashed what could only be called a cacophany of sound. In fact, it was heard all the way over in the Werrat Quadrant by resident of the planet Collia. They complained about the noise to the Government of Universia, who simply told them they had better things to do.


Once they hadn’t, they investigated Fanton Prime to find everyone there was now profoundly deaf. It transpired that while the planet’s surface absorbs noise to an exceptional degree, it also expells it every so often like an audio geyser. When this sound is unleashed, it is the combination of such volume, that anyone standing within would instantly lose all hearing.


This has meant one, simple ordnance; Fanton Prime is a noise-free zone. Today, the unique surface absorbs only the lightest of sounds, which then erupts in a low hiss from the ground. Those working there, including the great Sir Fanton, cannot hear a single thing, but live in a state of perpetual bliss due to the silence they afforded. Thus, a great deal of actual work goes on at Fanton Prime. The noiseless atmosphere, while incredibly unnerving to the common ear, is actually the perfect environment to conduct high levels of research.
And, naturally, explosions. Some of the most brutal explosive devices have originated from Fanton Prime. That, and some of the shredding music you’ve ever heard. Some hardcore music-lovers have even commended Sir Fanton for being the grandfather of modern rock.


Sir Fanton declined to comment on this fact.


Nevertheless, the Government of Universia consider Fanton Prime as simply a research planet, with what is considered the best library in the known Universia. GAF presence is light, with only the fear of espionage being a threat. However, due to the creepy nature of the planet’s silence, most criminal types don’t last long. Mostly, because they’re too noisy and get blown away by any loud sounds they make.


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