Sock It To ‘Em

Right foot curse

Can it get any worse

As you’re walking along

And you feel it going wrong


Sock’s halfway down

Causing you to frown

Writhing in your shoe

And you don’t know what to do


Do you stop and lift

Sort the socky rift

Or carry on your trip

While your sock does slip


How on Earth can it be

That your sock becomes free

It lingers on your toe

While you’re moving on the go


The left stays on

While your right has gone

How did this start

Thanks to a boy named Bart


Back in the day

Very far away

Bart saw a gypsy

While feeling very tipsy


With a mock and a roar

Threw the gypsy to the floor

Got out his widdle

And did a silly little tiddle


After he had a laugh

Told the gypsy to bath

The old hag said

“You’ll wish you were dead”


“I’ll pox you this day

It’ll never go away

Your sock will always flee

Wanting to be free”


“It may not seem much

But it’s a subtle touch

A lingering bane

So you’ll never feel the same”


“From your dad to your kids

All socks will hit the skids

They’ll vanish from your heel

Giving you a nasty feel”


True to her word

The sock curse occurred

And Bart’s wooly mitts

Turned into the shits


He cared not at first

But then it got worst

A minor irritation

That provided consternation


Soon the world discovered

That while Bart was bothered

So were those he met

Whose feet became wet


No right sock would stay

It would always fall away

And Bart became hated

His life was segragated


Many years on

With Bart since gone

We still all suffer

Without our socky buffer


While you are stepping

Your socks starts flapping

Because we all are adverse

To the right foot curse


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