Kirk-O-Pedia entry 4B – Rygans


Race: Rygan

Planet: Ryga (Globa Quadrant)

Distinguishing Features: Gigantic muscular definition, short tempers

One of the earliest terraformed settlements upon the exploration period after The Great Peace was outside the galaxy containing the likes of Earth and Mars, and toward the Topa Galaxy, where the planet Ryga was found. At first, the settlers were normal, well-adjusted scientists, but over time the planet’s rich supply of steroid-like minerals began to affect the settlers. Eventually, this evolved them into the race we now know today as the Rygans.

The Rygan race was an excellent race, at first, utilising their raw power and industry to help assist the Government of Universia with any practices that required brute force (both practically and pro-actively). However, over time, I was realised that the Rygan’s short tempers, thanks to their artificially enhanced testosterone, made them unpredictable and rather difficult to utilise in team-based activities. This issue was exacerbated by the increasing populace of travellers who wished to emigrate to Ryga to “increase their definition, man”. Eventually, it was decided that those in the Ryga race who weren’t psychotic rage-beasts – who would rip your arms off at the suggestion that they weren’t bronzed enough – could work well as lone figures of industry, in helping create structures above and beyond the means of most races (including the strong Horgorians and muscle-suitted Zaarians), and also forming the toughest of the GAF forces.

(In fact, it should be noted that the Rygan section of the GAF, Alpha Alpha Alpha Plus, are feared across the whole of Universia. While not respected, all it takes is mention of their names for any unsavoury sort to lay down arms and wish for a nice peaceful jail cell instead.)

In terms of physical traits, the Rygan race is ultimately humanoid in most dimensions, with the appropriate numbers of limbs, heads and digits. However, where they differ is their extraordinary muscle mass. Everything, from their gluts to their pecs to their, well, everything, is expanded to a level unheard of before. The only side effect to this, apart from their gigantic size, is their heads have not grown to accompany this expansion of muscle definition, leaving a tiny bonce upon their shoulders. If this is to be pointed out to them, they will surely throw you several miles

On their planet, the Rygans mostly focus on continuing to build their enormous physiques, and care not for diplomacy, industry, or anything of that sort. The super-productive natural resources help provide them with an excellent export, while also continuing their addiction to increasing their size. However, a large sub-section of Rygans are involved in criminal activity, and should be watched with a wary eye. They seem to have no real social structure, no real political structure, and no real basis of faith outside their all-important bodies. In terms of relations, the Rygans are primarily a male race, and have no need for them. Any suggestion that their muscle mass has negatively affected their genitalia in any way, is usually met with extreme violence.

This aside, Rygans have found that a positive aside to their new body structure is an expanded life-span, often lasting centuries. This, along with the incredible difficulty to harm them, means many of the original Rygan race still occupy positions of power on the planet. Any challenge to the Alpha status, including entrance into their elite GAF team, is done on an arm-wrestling basis. This has become a favoured televised sport across Universia.

Be aware, that when communicating with the Rygan race, they speak in a very loud, and very aggressive, tone. This should not be seen as a call to battle, but just another side-effect of their evolutionary state. Simply smile, nod, and hope that they don’t try to use you as a javelin.


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