Kirk-O-Pedia entry 402A – Kirkia



Quadrant: Illumia

Status: Gas Planet

Races: None

GAF Unit: Not Declared

Imports: None

Exports: Gas (non-poisonous)

The planet of Kirkia was discovered, upon entrance to the Illumia Quadrant by infamous self-styled “space adventurer”, and former GAF Alpha Tact, Kirk Sandblaster. While early reports state that it was in existence prior to his arrival, with a central nucleus of a long abandoned Tetra Safe, Sandblaster claimed in his cartography report that it was, and we quote, “totally created by him in a moment of total awesomeness, that had to be seen to be believed, but was only seen by (him). So it has to be true. So there.”

When asked for comment, his second-in-command Xlaar refused to confirm or deny any of this.

Discovery facts aside, the planet of Kirkia (named after it’s discoverer, quite insistently), is a gas planet that holds no obvious value. It holds no life-forms that have been detected, and has an old GAF ship as it’s central nucleus and gravitational core. Upon further research, it has been found that the gas forming the planet (which is of a green-hued nature), is not poisonous to any tested race (tests are 67% complete at time of writing) and can be used as a particularly useful fossil fuel. However, it lasts only for a limited time, and is difficult to transport due to the Illumia Quadrant’s cold sun atmosphere.

The Government of Universia recommends against travelling to Kirkia, not just because it is largely boring, but that there is nothing to do. As a visual spectacle, it is of interest, creating a delightful little distraction upon passing. In terms of amenities and other commercial tourism, there is nothing of note. Attempts to terraform the planet have been met with humour and dismissiveness, and the Government of Universia mostly considers Kirkia to be, and we quote, “something to feed the ego of one Kirk Sandblaster”.

There is currently no GAF presence on Kirkia. Again, this is due to a lack of motivation to be around it’s orbit. Consider utilising as a punishment sector.

UPDATE: tests on the gas have now been found to be non-lethal to 82% of races. However, of that further 15%, 37% became nauseous and delirious upon ingesting. Consider it’s use as a narcotic, and police accordingly.

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