(Depression is a funny thing. A deep pain, but also a fire to the fuel of creativity. This is one such poem that came alive in a dark period. As yet, not attached to a Filmic Cut. Yet. Hope you enjoy – OJ)

I have woke up

But I’m still asleep

In a world I don’t know

And a life I don’t care

The everyday noise continues

The drones keep droning on

No peace for the wicked

No rest for the soul


There is no blue

No yellow or red

There is no colour

Just damned shades of grey


The sky is stale

The grass is dead

The rivers are burning

And I can’t put them out


I’m in the void

Sucked deep below

No ladders to climb

No ropes to pull me out


I hear people say

“Are you OK, my friend?”

I want to say no

But I keep my plastered smile


You nod a hello

You say good morning

Inside you’re screaming

Outside you’re fine


And you think

Is this the day?

Am I at the very end

The blackest night of all?


The fade falls in front of me

And I can’t see any more

No songs to sing, no kiss goodnight

Just blindness, forever more


So I stand before the abyss

One leg hovering over the edge

With one voice saying jump

And the other… well…


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