Kirk-O-Pedia entry 101C – Kirk Sandblaster


Name: Kirk Sandblaster

Race: Human

GAF Rank: Alpha Tactician

Those who know Kirk Sandblaster, know one thing is certain about him.

He lives for adventure.

The son of famed Engineer Kirk Sandblaster Snr, the younger Sandblaster was raised on a diet of intellect and discovery. Nothing was denied to this young upstart, who became well-versed in the arts of industry, space and whatever else you could throw in front of him.

Alas, tragedy struck, as when Kirk Sandblaster was a young child, his father died in an explosion after trying to retrieve his hat. From then on, Sandblaster decided to live for his father; continuing his legacy as best he could.

However, as he grew older, the line between madness and genius began to show. Performing bizarre technical experiments that put the lives of those around him at risk, Sandblaster was carted off to the Galactic Army Force, where his aptitude for military tactics made him fly up the ranks. His out-the-box thinking, as well as a devil-may-care attitude, bought many victories to the GAF, from the Great Battle of Halek, to the Purge of Takya IX. His ultimate rank, of Alpha Tactician, was questioned by some leading figures due to his psychological issues, but Sandblaster continued to excel.

Until the ill-fated exploration of the Dark Quadrant.


Upon entering the outer reaches of the Dark Quadrant, Sandblaster decided against exploring it, and spectacularly quit the GAF by ejecting himself out of his ship. From then on, he was seen as a deserter and traitor to the GAF.

But when one door closed, another one opened. Using a few old contacts, Sandblaster became infamous in the Universe. His feats of daring, and adventures across the stars, put his name in hushed tones. Those who knew him, knew he was still as bonkers as ever; those who didn’t, soon found out.

Now, he is known to explore the Universe with his Zaarian side-kick/co-pilot Xlaar, collecting salvage and generally making waves wherever he lands. One thing is for sure: if Kirk Sandblaster is there, then chaos is sure to follow.

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