(A dark little poem of mine, Sense is an ongoing project that appears in the Filmic Cuts paperbacks. Part 1, as seen here, is in Sunshine & Lollipops. What does it all mean? I haven’t decided yet… Hope you enjoy – OJ)

Do you see?

I ask, because I cannot

I haven’t seen in a long time

But you’re here now

Do you see?

I felt you arrive

I feel you against my back

I feel you squirm around

I feel your eyes move

Do you see?

Maybe you can

But you can’t speak

How ironic is this

I speak, but cannot see

You see, but say nothing


Sometimes I see

Not real things

Not like you

Strange things

Scary things

Things that should not be

Horror things

The things he has put us here

To see

Do you see?

See the patterns?

See the sounds?

See the beasts?

Do you see?

I wish you could tell me

I wish I could see

I don’t want to see

What he wants me to see


Do you see?

(Enjoy? Then pick up Filmic Cuts 1: Sunshine & Lollipops on Kindle and Paperback to read Part 2…)


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