Kirk-O-Pedia entry 21D – GORT


General Operating Robot Technology (GORT)

Class: AI Technology

Sub-class: Robot

The General Operating Robot Technology, or GORT for short, was specifically developed for Sheriff Colt Burns IV for assisting his enforcement of the law on the Roxiam planets. Unfortunately, due to a tight budget, the GORT system is less of an advanced AI technology and more of a bumbling combination of old tin and recycled motherboards.

With a tendency to fall over or utter obtuse or even painfully bland statements, the GORT system is mostly used by Sheriff Burns for spectacle or cover. Due to it’s lumbering size, it has also been used as a makeshift cell wall in times of overcrowding.

The only one of it’s kind, mostly because it’s creator, a Gort (funnily enough) named Blatto skipped town straight after taking Sheriff Burns’ money. Burns has vowed to find him, and bring him to justice. GORT, meanwhile, merely identifies him as pies.

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