Kirk-o-Pedia Entry 6A – The Outer Quadrants



Outer Quadrants


Key Planets: Unknown

Key Races: Unknown

Primary GAF: Not Declared



Not much is known about the Outer Quadrants.

The one thing that is officially accepted by Universia is that Space, as a whole, is pretty big. When it comes to planets discovered outside the 4 main Quadrants (Globa, Werrat, Dilure & Illumia), then it is either added to the Quadrant closest or offered to any races existing within the planet.


The Outer Quadrants, however, are those that are beyond even that. Few have dared venture out into these unchartered corners of space, with only the Illumia Quadrant (formerly Dark Quadrant) being the latest discovery.


However, while it would be easy to dismiss these areas of Space as just extensions on pre-existing Quadrants, many Universia Science Officers have noted that unknown signals have been recorded, and strange debris found floating close to certain perimeters.


Universia does plan to explore these areas of Space soon enough, but with great caution. One Dilure Quadrant planet, Edan Minor, suddenly vanished one day without explanation. It’s proximity to the Outer Quadrants was seen as this reason.


To any independent explorers, we recommend travelling with caution.

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