Kirk-o-Pedia entry 701D – Cartereli Ale

(OJ Note: The Kirk Sandblaster series is available now for both Kindle & paperback. Hope you enjoy)


Cartereli Ale


Class: Drink

Origin: Earth


Created in 19th Century Earth, Cartereli Ale has proven to be a long-lasting, and incredibly popular drink amongst all races (but primarily Humans and Gorts). A mild, hoppy brew, it is made in the Cartereli Brewery in England, Earth, and dispatched across the Universe by Cartereli Industries. It is light in colour, with hints of smoke and orange, and is best drank out of the bottle.

It’s history has been lost in time, but most agree that it was first brewed by Claudio Montague Cartereli, an Italian artist who had a taste for exploration. Claudio’s fate is unknown, but his legacy lives on in this delightful drink.

It comes in only one flavour/brand, adding to it’s uniqueness in the Universia market. Fairly average in price, one shouldn’t expect to pay more than 4T for a bottle.


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