Kirk-O-Pedia entry 2B – Martians

(OJ Note: The Kirk Sandblaster series is available now for both Kindle & paperback. Hope you enjoy)



Race: Martian

Planet: Mars (Globa Quadrant)

Distinguishing Features: Ant-like body, technical prowess


The Martian race were long hidden from most other planets, until their unexpected First Contact with Humans in the early 21st Century. Hijacking a Human Planet Explorer Vehicle, they entered friendly discussions and soon became allies with the Humans.

Before this, the Martians had a rich, and fruitful history. Evolving from microscopic organisms, they never felt the need to grow to such size, instead developing into a segmented ant-like shape detailed with many appendages. This body shape helped them to perform intricate construction on a great number of things, with their technology evolving as fast as they did. While surface conditions were soon to be deemed “unacceptable”, the Martians made their home under the surface, constructing a deep, and thriving underground community. Alas, unless you are a Martian, or even a Ctolian, the community is inaccessible.

Through dedicated research, Martians developed a great number of the technology we now take for granted. Substance Replicators, AI Shields, Transcommunicators, all were developed under Martian plans. In fact, there is a running joke between most Martians about how behind other planets are. Still, they are not selfish with their discoveries, and are always open to sharing them at no cost.

With this comes one important caveat though; the Martians are a peaceful race. While they hold no religion, nor God, they do believe in the sanctity of life. The Martians live together as a community, with no aggression or negativity shown toward each other. This pseudo-communist regime is not without it’s leaders, with an Alpha Martian being democratically voted in until death (usually 100-200 years) and having final say on any divisive topics. Due to this mantra of peace and togethership, the Martians have been known to disable any weaponised technology they come across. While this is seen as a bit of a selfish move, there is rarely any consequences from this. Everyone knows the Martians are important traders, and no-one has anything to attack them with.

In recent years, the Martians have taken up a subtle, yet important, role as part of the Universia Government. While not involved in many diplomatic matters, due to their pacifist stance, they are primary negotiators and recognisers of trade and discovery. Research is their main goal, and the Martians are happy to have no part in the politics of the Universe.

Indeed, even the GAF Martian Regiment are not known as enforcers. Instead, they are mostly Alpha Engineers and Technicians, making sure that every GAF ship and technology is up to par.

When it comes to social customs, Martians rarely take part. They live for work, and do not feel the need for leisure activities. Sustenance is taken on a base level of proteins, and procreation is a largely regimented process.

One thing to note: Martians are very good at pinball. Nobody yet really knows why.


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