Article: How Horror Keeps Creeping in Literature

“… allowing that image to fester before popping the cyst to reveal the gloopy terror inside.”

Read all about the chills of creeping horror in Oli’s article over at Lounge Books:

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Hq’tar Report #2 – 17/08/1978

Hq’tar Report #2 – 17/08/1978


If you’ll forgive the brazenness of my writing, but our efforts into discovering more about P1983 have stalled to a great degree over the past 9 years, possible as a result of Operation Turista. While firm evidence is lacking, it has been posited between Agents working on P1983 – myself included – that the surveillance of Subjects Jack & Jill caused a rift in P1983 materials from which we may never recover.

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Police Report 18/03/1972

Police Report 18/03/1972

           After a fallow period regarding P1983 materials, the following Police Report was found within the files of Loddon Valley Police Station on 06/11/1973. Officers there confirmed to BPD Agents that the file itself had not been present during recent checks and, under usage of serum found within P2306, this was found to be true.

            Agents have placed the file within this report, and have been advised to keep a check on all Police Authorities nationwide in case there are any other reports that have turned up within authority archives.

            As always, material is produced as found, and transcribed in full with no omissions.


  • Fyfe, Bureau for Paranormal Discoveries


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Operation Turista (Part 3)

Operation Turista (Part 3)

Final progress was made with Observation Report #5, where Agent Butcher managed to facilitate a communication with Jack & Jill, and spent the day with them under the guise of ‘showing them the sights’. While most of the report came back showing the usual mundane activities Jack & Jill had pursued days previous, Agent Butcher was able to ascertain a great deal of information over the course of his interaction with the Subjects, and provided said information in the following interview.


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